Building the biggest Investment
in the market

How it works

We leverage the buying power of our investment DAO and copy-investors community to get access to the best investment deals in the market at lower risk

Copy Invest

Copy Invest

Copy-invest DAO members to automatically buy the same assets at the same prices and terms

For Traders
Get investors

Get investors

Boost your fundraising with accredited market leaders and scale your token distribution

For Projects
Become a member

Become a member

We use group buying power for large purchases from top projects, with refund options, and scale investments through community Copy-investments.

For OGs

What is the Excited Investment DAO

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How Copy-Investing Works

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friend bots
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Get access to private round terms

By Copy-investing our market leaders you get to automatically mirror their investment portfolio. You will purchase the same assets they buy, at the same prices and terms.

  • Buy and delegate XCTD tokens to Copy-invest an Excited member
  • Fund the Copy-invest smart contract for seamless copy-investing
  • Automatically receive tokens to your wallet with the same terms as your member
  • Increase your group's XCTD share to grow investment allocation
Register as Copy-investor

Raise big tickets from a strong community

Get a boost to your fundraising round from a community of accredited market leaders and scale your token distribution

  • Backing from Excited Investment DAO members, accredited market insiders, and leaders
  • Token distribution to a large community of Copy-investors
  • Investment rounds with insurance for fairness and excitement
  • Ongoing support with listing, market making, and secondary market partners
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Bigger buying power, lower risk, community scale

We leverage our group buying power to buy big tickets from leading projects, with refund options. We scale investments and token distribution with community Copy-investments

  • Hold XCTD to join Excited Investment DAO (for accredited investors only)
  • Leverage DAO and copy-investors' buying power for favorable terms from top projects
  • Increase allocation, personal buying power, and project support by building a Copy-investor community
  • Participate in governance to curate and decide on the best investment projects